The following 12 standing sub-committees (“committees”) are defined in the bylaws of the Volusia County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC), which is the legal entity that constitutes the Volusia County Democratic Party. Each committee, except the Audit Committee, must meet at least once per quarter and publicize the date, time, and location of meetings to members of the DEC a week in advance. All committee chairs and members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the DEC Chair pursuant to section 3.5 of the DEC bylaws.

Please bear with us as we recently elected new DEC officers on December 8th, 2020, and please reach out if you are interested in serving on committee(s).

Steering Committee

Members: Richard Thripp, Jessica Smith, Emily Humphrey, Andy Frostman, Evans SmithValerie Duhl, Jim GangitanoKirk Hall, Clifton RobyJacob Zimmerman, Telcyn SmithJoe Mancinik, Scott ClearyWilliam BlissDyrell Johnson (Rell Black), Marty PriceLeonard LempelGreg SpradlinRobert ClintonDana Dunmire, and Susan Vaughen.

Shall be composed of the officers of the Volusia County Democratic Executive Committee, the chairs or their designee of all standing sub-committees, and Presidents or their designee of all chartered Democratic Clubs in Volusia County. The Steering Committee oversees and constructs the policies and activities of the Committee and shall have the authority to make decisions between of the Executive Committee, which are consistent with these bylaws and policies set forth by the Executive Committee. The Steering Committee is responsible for the administration and internal affairs of the Executive Committee. The Steering Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair.

Rules Committee

Chair and Parliamentarian of the Volusia County Democratic Party: Jim Gangitano

Responsible for studying the rules (state statutes, State Democratic Party Charter and Bylaws, Volusia County Democratic Execute Committee bylaws, policies, etc.) of the Volusia County Democratic Party and report to the Committee any changes in rules deemed necessary or advisable.  The chair of the Rules Committee serves as Parliamentarian to the Volusia County Democratic Party.

Membership and Credentials Committee

Chair: Kirk Hall

Other Members: Emily Humphrey, Evans Smith

Responsible for ascertaining and approving the credentials of the members of the Volusia County Democratic Party and of every person attending as a proxy for a member, and reports its findings to the Volusia County Democratic Party, including a declaration of offices deemed vacant pursuant to Florida Law.  The Chair of the committee, or a formally vested designee, is responsible for certifying and announcing a quorum present at every meeting or special meeting of the Volusia County Democratic Party.

Finance / Ways and Means Committee

Chair: Vacant

Other Members: T. Wayne Bailey, Emily Humphrey

Studies, reports, recommends and implements ways and means of raising funds for the purpose of maintaining Volusia County Democratic Party and furthering the purposes thereof; also recommends an annual operating budget for consideration of the Volusia County Democratic Party, and a campaign budget after consultation with the Campaign Committee.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee [Defined in bylaws as Affirmative Action Committee]

Chair: Clifton Roby

Works in concert with the Florida Democratic Party Diversity & Inclusion Committee on commons goals and initiatives.

Young Democrats Committee

Chair: Jacob Zimmerman (Jake)

Other Members: Emily Humphrey, Stephanie Reamer

Works with the Florida Young Democrats caucus to encourage youth involvement in Democratic activities, provide assistance to, and act as liaison for Young Democratic and College Democrat Chapters within Volusia County.

Audit Committee

Chair: Telcyn Smith

Other Members: Tyran Basil

In accordance with Florida Law and the Bylaws of the Florida Democratic Party, designates a qualified examiner (who is not a member of the Executive Committee) to perform an annual audit of the financial records of the Volusia County Democratic Party, and reports the results of the audit to the Volusia County Democratic Party. Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary, no officer or member of the Finance / Ways and Means Committee may be a member of the Audit Committee.

Campaign Committee

Chair: Jessica Smith

Responsible for directing the general election campaign in support of all Democratic nominees. Prepares and submits a campaign plan to the Volusia County Democratic Party no later than six (6) months before each primary election.  The committee may, upon approval of the Volusia County Democratic Party, assist with campaigns of registered Democrats running in nonpartisan elections, provided said assistance is available equally to each Democratic candidate in such election.

Public Relations Committee

Chair: Joe Mancinik

Publicizes the activities, policies and aims of the Volusia County Democratic Party, supervises the production of all publications and literature necessary or helpful in advancing the Party’s causes, and maintains the VCDP’s website.

Education Committee

Chair: Scott Cleary

Other Members: Stephanie Reamer

Promulgates and disseminates materials necessary for precinct committee persons to perform their duties within their precincts and shall develop and implements programs for teaching precinct committee persons in the use of the materials provided.

Information Technology Committee

Chair: William Bliss

Other Members: Clayton Duhl

Responsible for developing technological strategies that enhance the goals of the Volusia County Democratic Party.

Outreach Committee

Chair: Dyrell Johnson (Rell Black)

Identifies constituency groups outside the purview of the Affirmative Action Committee who are historically and philosophically aligned with Democratic tenets, and develops a strategy for working with these groups with the goals of increasing party membership and establishing cooperative activities and programs.

Other Committees

Prosperity for Everyone Committee (Chair: John Navarra): Develops strategies to address poverty and lack of opportunity in our disadvantaged and minority communities.

Voter Registration Committee (Chair: Mary Thomas): Responsible for organizing voter registration drives for the purpose of registering Democratic voters.

More to come!

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